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Just when you start to think Americans really don't get it . . .

Posted by Admin Posted on Nov 30 2010

they actually get it.

A CNBC poll reported that roughly 2/3 of Americans think taxes will have to be raised to fix the deficit.  And nearly 80% think services will have to be cut.

But the devil is in the details.  Almost 6 out of 10 want services cut first, and 3 out of ten thinks taxes should be raised first.  54% think the burden should be shared equally, and 38% think the rich should pay more.

About half are willing to trade the mortgage interest deduction for lower tax rates, and there is broad support for reducing the fedeal workforce and freezing their salaries.

Perhaps the most interesting result is the central tax battle of the lame duck Congress.  Half of Americans think the Bush tax cuts should expire.  Another 14% think they should expire for those with higher incomes (more than $250K per year).  Only a third think the cuts should continue for everyone.