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Posted by Admin Posted on Mar 03 2011

The IRS is revamping its collection procedures to make it easier for taxpayers to qualify for help.

The dollar threshhold at which the IRS requires a lien will be signifcantly increased. The results will be evaluated in about a year, and the program adjusted appropriately.

The Service will now standardize withdrawing liens when taxes are paid in full, and will streamline procedures for withdrawing liens.

Taxpayers who enter "direct debit payment programs" may be able to have their liens withdrawn as long as the direct debits are honored.

The Service is increasing the availability of automatic payment plans to taxpayers who owe as much as $25,000, can pay within 2 years. and enroll in a direct debit payment program.

Finally, the streamlined Offer in Compromise program will be extended to taxpayers with annual incomes of up to $100,000 and tax liabilities of $50,000 or less.